Đề tài: Nghiên cứu sản xuất thử củ bi khoai tây từ mẫu khoai in vitro kích thích sinh trưởng bằng bức xạ gamma liều thấp
Chủ nhiệm: TS. Nguyễn Tiến Thịnh


A procedure for production of potato G0 minitubers from in vitro materials like test-tube plantlets (CON), artificial seeds (HNT) and microtubers (CSB), which had been treated with 100Rad of gamma-rays, was successfully established. The procedure started with producing low cost in vitro materials by growing them in semi-aseptic/non-aseptic culture conditions; treating them next with low doses of gamma-rays; then hydroponically cultivating the materials upon the following regime: culture density of 12 x 12cm, nutritive hydroponical solution of CT1, and feeding frequency of T3 (3 times/week). Nearly 50,000 G0 minitubers were produced by such a hydroponical way, and 30,000 of them were subsequently grown in field by local farmers. Observations of the above pilot production of the G0 minitubers and of their field growing showed that the CSB was the most suitable in vitro starting stuff for forming G0 minitubers, and that the growth-promotion effects of gamma-rays were not carried over to the field-growing stage of the G0  minitubers.