Đề tài: Khảo sát hiệu ứng bức xạ gamma lên polymer tự nhiên humic/humate trích từ than bùn để ứng dụng trong canh tác nông nghiệp
Chủ nhiệm: CN. Lê Hữu Tư

Study of gamma radiation effects on the natural polymer such as humic/ humate, which was extracted from the peat, has been carried out.  The parameters effect on the extraction yield of humic such as alkali concentration and ratio of NaOH and KOH mixture; dilution; extraction temperature and extraction time have been evaluated.  The studied results indicated that the optimal parameters of extracting process of humic/humate have been investigated as follows: concentration of alkali is 2% with ratio of NaOH:KOH (1:1); at temperature 650C for 2hrs, extraction yield is 76%. 

Under action of ionizing radiation like gamma Co-60, humic/humate is occurring crosslinking and degradation reactions in which depends on the absorbed dose and irradiation conditions.  The optimal dose for degradation of humic in powder form was 500kGy while in 9% solution that was only 150kGy.  The molecular weight of the original humic was 7,427 Da and after irradiation of 150kGy that was reduced and reached the value of 5,384 Da, the dissolubility of  irradiated humic increases 1.8 times compared with the original.  The other characters of product such as functional group exchange (IR spectra), the viscosity of solution of irradiated humic have been investigated as well. The product is promising in good application in future