Đề tài: Ứng dụng các kỹ thuật phân tích hạt nhân và hỗ trợ khảo sát mức hàm lượng một số kim loaị nặng độc trong mẫu môi trường biển
tại một số vùng biển điển hình ở phía Nam Việt
Chủ nhiệm: PGS.TS. Nguyễn Ngọc Tuấn

The Nuclear Analytical Techniques have been studied and applied to analyze trace and nutrition elements in biological and environmental samples in Nuclear Research Institute. In 2006 year, we carried out the subject: “Application of Nuclear Analytical Techniques and other methods to investigate the contents of some heavy-toxic metal elements in marine environmental samples in some special areas at the south of Vietnam”. The aim of this topic is to study for determination of trace and micro elements in some marine environmental object such as marine sediment, seawater and marine creature.

The methods for the determination of elements Cu, Pb, Zn, Se, Cd, As, Sb, Co, Hg, Cr, Ca, Mg, etc… are presented in this paper.

The obtained analytical results are basis to monitor marine environmental pollution and to evaluate the impact of exploitation of rare earth- radioactive ores near by the sea coast; exploitation of crude oil in offshore and to monitor happening of technology actives of our country in the future.

The analytical results of toxic and trace element’s contents in the studying field is also to attend the Forum for Nuclear Cooperation of Asia (FNCA) in witch Vietnam is one of member’s nine counties.

The subject is to be carried in two years of 2006-2007; the first year focuses to carry out some contents as following:

- Study the methods for determination of some elements in marine sediment, seawater and sea-biota samples in that the Neutron Activation Analysis method is difficult to determine.

- Determination of the content of elements Cu, Pb, Zn, Se, As, Cd, Hg, Sb, Co , Cr and  some others microelements in collected samples.

- Preliminary Estimation of contents of these elements in studying object.

The analytical results have been presented in the workshop on utilization of the research reactor, FNCA, was held in September, 2006, Philippines.