ề ti: Xy dựng ờng phn bố thực nghiệm liều hiệu ứng sai hình nhiễm sắc thể ở tế bo limpho ngời chiếu bức xạ gamma suất liều thấp
Chủ nhiệm: TS. Trần Quế


In common with affirmation on the optimal properties of lymphocytes chromosome aberrations in biodosimetry, the limit of the technique of chromosome aberrations analysis such as numbers of metaphase and time of cell culture are overcome by the automatic analysis system and PCC cell culture technique. Biodosimetric technique was used to estimate the aspects of radiation risks on the World. The low dose rate and low doses are specific characteristic of radiation sources used in industry and hospitals, biodose assessment in these cases depended on the calibration curves of dose-effect relationships at low dose of low dose rate source. The calibration of dose-effect distribution curve is an important mission of biodosimetry recommended by IAEA.

Gamma rays with dose rate 125 mGy/h were used to investigate. Five combinations of blood samples consisted 6 points per combination were exposed to doses 0; 0.1; 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5Gy. Thermal Light Dosimeters were contacted to everyone blood sample for dosimetry. The data presented the frequencies of Dicentric aberration and Fragment aberrations detected in 30 samples of five combinations in the range of 0Gy; 0.1Gy; 0.2Gy; 0.3Gy; 0.4Gy and 0.5Gy. The distribution curve of response dose-effect related to general square equation y = aD + bD2 + C with relative coefficiency r(y,z) = 0,985 0,005. The experimental coefficiencies of genaral equantion were a = (0,4920,151).10-2 . Gy-1;  b= (3,0540,417).10-2 . Gy-2. The special equation of distribution curver was Y = 0,492D + 3,054D2 + C.